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Start Up Project Finance

There are only few lenders offering start up project funding. This is because it involves different levelsof risk to the lenders. For your start up project to get financed there are limited options available. An exceptional viable and sustainable projects can raise initial funds through a letter of credit from a top provider, venture capital firms, private equity firms, joint ventures and debt funding firms to get it off the ground.

We have good relations with many trusted lenders who are prepared to fund projects. We put all our resources into sourcing debt/equity/JV lenders who can structure finance for the projects needs which enables startups to get underway. Project finance starts from $10 Million USD. Scaling Up A Business.

If you have a start up business or you are looking to scale up your existing business, you may want to look at different funding options. There are a number of questions to think about such as:

The aim is always to minimise risk to the investor whilst showing them an exciting proposition and giving them reasons as to why they should invest in your business. To scale up a business, you may need to look further into supply chains and marketing channels, automation and taking on (newly) qualified employees. The most essential part for a business that wishes to scale up is to make sure the right business finance is in place.

External Collateral Finance

Very often projects come with very little to no collateral/assets attached. Given that a lot of these projects are start ups, having sufficient collateral to begin with is a big ask. Banks will often look for collateral as security to lend against and without this collateral, projects can find themselves in a difficult dilemma. The solution? Finding an external collateral provider who can ‘lend’ their collateral to the project (on paper) so as to demonstrate some form of assets to the potential lender. This is quite normal in the corporate finance world whereby one corporation will ‘lend’ their collateral to another company in order to ‘beef up’ their assets on paper which in turn can be loaned against.

Off Balance Sheet Lending

Very often lenders will look for two things on a balance sheet when assessing whether or not to fund a project;


Company turnover

With a new project is getting off the ground, the above can be difficult to demonstrate given that the project is not yet established. Whilst they are few and far between, there are lenders who will do what is called ‘off balance sheet’ lending. This is where they will assess the project on it’s own merit, strength of management and the potential to start-up, grow and expand. They will also assess the potential to grow the collateral and least not potential for generating revenue. Another words they will lend based on the future and do what is called ‘off balance sheet’ lending as opposed to what the project may or in this case may not have now on their balance sheet.


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